Ballast Point Long Beach

In southern California, there are two types of beer drinkers: those who drink Ballas Point beers, and those who make it a point not to. For those who don’t know, Ballast Point is often criticized for “selling out” to Constellation Brands Inc. for a billion dollars in 2015. Yes, that’s billion, with a “b.” Epitomizing the microbrew to macrobrew sell-out, many people have boycotted Ballast Point beers. However, Ballast Point also epitomizes the rare occasion where the quality hasn’t suffered as a result of growth. Ballast Point continues to innovate, frequently featuring “test beers” on their menu, many of which hold the promise of becoming regulars on their pretty stellar line-up.

We first visited Ballast Point when they opened their Long Beach location in 2016. A visually gorgeous and inviting space, BPLB consists of multiple indoor and outdoor seating areas. The most coveted hang-outs are the long white leather couches situated outside, or inside along the floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the harbor. We went on a rare weekday off, and had the place to ourselves. On another visit, a Sunday at lunch time for Malty’s birthday weekend, we got the very last table. On a third visit, 6:00 PM on a Monday evening, it wasn’t nearly as busy. But the later in the week you go, the busier it is. The Long Beach water taxi is a fun way to get to there, and avoids the nightmarish parking lot.

Mr. Malty
Ballast Point Flight!
Sooo many dark and malty beers!
The view of Ballast Point Long Beach from the water taxi.
Ballast Point Long Beach on Malty’s Birthday Weekend
We’ve also visited the Temecula location which has a cozy feel compared to Long Beach.
The unsuspecting in-laws who came to Temecula to taste wine…
Check out all the “experimental” beers!

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