About Us

Hoppy and Malty met how most people met nowadays: on the Internet. They started hanging out through Meetup events and quickly discovered that they have pretty much everything in common (music, movies, books, tater tots, and cats!), but most importantly, a love of all things BEER. Emboldened by the belief that ladies everywhere should enjoy beer and get to talk about it with other passionate partakers, H&M came up with the Hoppy and Malty blog.

It’s important to note that while both ladies love beer, they each also have their own specific tastes–Hoppy loves anything of the IPA and Pale Ale persuasion while Malty looks for anything dark, rich, and dreamy. Coffee stouts and seasonal porters anyone?

What you’ll find here is their own unique accounts of their taste adventures, visiting breweries across the good ol’ state of California with occasional forays into other states and countries, and embracing the beer mecca that Hoppy and Malty call home. Because both ladies are on opposite ends of the taste spectrum, you’ll get to taste each brewery’s “whole menu” along with them: enjoying the light with the dark, and the bitter with the sweet.

About Hoppy:

Mavis, aka the “Hoppy” of our fine duo, never thought she liked beer until her husband convinced her to drink his homebrew and she’s been an enthusiast ever since. If it’s a golden, piney, citrusy, delicious “smack in the mouth”, Hoppy is game to drink it! She also believes beer tastes a little better with some cat fur in it.

About Malty:

Dawn, aka “Malty,” was transformed into a beer drinker after taking a sip of her husband’s Guinness. She doesn’t understand why more women don’t like beer, especially those that taste like coffee and chocolate, since most women are fans of those things. She delights in converting women who think “beer is for guys” into bona fide beer drinkers.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Drinking!